Latinamerican Fall Codes.

Hace unos meses fuimos testigo de la presentación de varias colecciones de otoño-invierno 2016-17 que se crearon en las grandes capitales de la moda, cuando se trata de esta temporada es genial ver las piezas estilizadas en distintas capas, las telas mas acogedoras y generalmente una propuesta de color que se inclina hacia tonos más profundos.
Durante estas semanas de la moda y en meses posteriores también se presentan las lineas de otoño en varios países latinoamericanos, es por eso que decidí realizar una entrada con un preview de algunas de mis colecciones favoritas de varios países latinos ya que como siempre he dicho considero que hay mucho talento por estos lados. 
Lastimosamente en Panamá no tenemos otoño así que solo existe un evento grande al año y suele ser para las colecciones de primavera-verano, aunque algunos panameños invitados al extranjero si realizan lineas para la estación en cuestión. Espero que disfruten mis selecciones y pueden hacer click en el nombre de la marca/diseñador para ver la colección completa.

A few months ago we witnessed the presentation of several collections from the autumn-winter 2016-17 season that were created in the big fashion capitals, now when it comes to this particular season is great to see the pieces stylized in different layers, the more comfortable fabrics and generally a color palette which leans toward deeper richer tones.
During these fashion weeks and the months following fall lines were also presented in several Latin American countries, it is why I decided to make an entry with a preview of some of my favorite collections from several Latin countries because as I always say there is so much talent around here.
Unfortunately we do not have fall or winter in Panama so there is only one big event a year and it is usually for spring-summer collections, although some Panamanian invited as guests in foreign countries do make autum collections if the event calls for it. I hope you enjoy my selections and also you can click on the name of the brand / designer to see the complete collection.


- Inspired by the peruvian folklore and mysticism -
- Titled "Los Viajes de Máxima Manjarrez" in honor of the free spirited caribbean nature of his great grandmother and the love of her life -
- A collection made of sustainable materials inspired by the story of artisan María Alcira -


- The collection is called "Ilusion" and it takes a minimalist approach in shapes while boasting an array of colorful artsy prints with surreal visuals and chic sporty garments -
- A playful collection with tropical vibes, interesting patchwork pieces and a modern non-chalant spin on menswear dressing - 
- The offering is inspired by duality, which also names the collection, and the different activities women have to take on a daily basis -


- Sandra channeled the concept of good vibrations in an eclectic collection with a seventies futurism undercurrent -
- Inspired by the multifaceted and sucessful women, versatile clothes with an edge -
- The brand continues to reinforce its Made in Mexico traditions this time partly influenced by the asian culture established in the country -


- Color blocks, geometric shapes and a colorful palette with an artistic approach and some tropical vibes -
- A collection with a natural feel in its fabrics and a heavy intent on texture -
- Elegant and femenine, with sixties inspired prints and beautifully crafted pleat effects -


- A wide ranging collection inspired by travel and the great cities of fashion -
- A combination of geometric and artsy prints in elegant garments for sofisticated woman -
- She created her own fictional royal character "Santa Catalina de Vendela" imagined as a young, modern and contemporary princess - 

*I realized late that most of the images have a faded line pattern around them, don´t know what that is all about but anyways sorry if it bothers your apreciation of the designs in some way. Will be sure to take care of it the next time.

The Black Label
xx Andy xx


  1. Hey Andrés, gracias por tu comentario!

    Me fascina ver como la moda en Latinoamérica está despuntando! Conozco a muchos y especialmente a los mexicanos de cuando me tocó vivir en Ciudad de México.

    Que tengas un feliz finde
    Fungi Express blog

  2. if there's a hashtag #fashionshowporn this should be labeled that, hahaha. I mean look at those collections, they're all inspired! my favorites in no particular order: Yakampot, Sofia Montes, Gustavo Arango, and Dario Cardenas.


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