MBFWP15: Personal Style #50 - The Milestone Quintet

¡Hola mis queridos lectores! Que se que los he tenido en espera por las pasarelas del MBFWP15 pero no se preocupen que ya prontito viene. En esta ocasión toca una entrada de estilo personal, sin embargo no es cualquiera pues con esta marco el #50, se que para algunos no será mucho pero en mi caso tiene un significado especial pues no me considero la persona con más tendencia a ser fotografiado, tampoco fotogenico y cuando inicie con el #1 realmente creí que si llegaba a diez era un milagro pues tampoco tengo mucha paciencia para posar jaja. 
Siendo esta la entrada numero cincuenta pues creí que no había mejor forma de celebrarlo que con mis cinco looks para los eventos y pasarelas del Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Panamá 2015. 

Hello my dear readers! I know that the posts for MBFWP15 runways are pending but no worries they will come very soon now. This time around though I´m back with a new personal style entry which is no regular post because with this one I finally hit my first milestone at #50, it doesn´t really sound like a big deal most bloggers do a lot but in my case is someting special considering the facts that I am not the first person to jump forward when it comes to picture taking, I also don´t consider myself to be very "photo easy" and when I started with #1 if the style shots got to ten that would´ve been a lot for me because I also don´t have a lot of patience when it comes to posing LOL. You gotta do things that are not easy to you is the only way of getting out of your comfort zone.
So being this the fiftieth post I thought there was no better way to celebrate it than posting not one but my five looks for the events and runways of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Panama 2015.

OUTFIT: U.S. Polo Assn. shirt, Aeropostale t-shirt, Nautica jeans, Mr. Jones black brogues & Uber Shop bullet necklace.
 Event: Las Literales at the MAC 
Key Piece: Aeropostale black & white stars t-shirt
Favourite Runways: Londy & Sara Bassan
*Behind the Shot: The person I contacted to be my driver was almost robbed and had to stay in a police station...I ended up hitchhiking with fashion designer Greta Bayo.

OUTFIT: Izod white shirt, Levi´s sleevless denim shirt, Levi´s 550 black jeans & Nike Air Pegasus+30.
 Event: "Florae" by Tony Vergara
Key Piece: Multi-orange Nike Air Pegasus+30 (the brand sponsored the footwear)
Favourite Garments: A b&w houndstooth two piece ensemble with flowers appliqué & a halter neck sheer gown with floral beading paired underneath with an orange skirted overall and oxblood croptop.
*Behind the Shot: I almost thought there was not seat for me because I forgot to confirm assistance...luckily the ushers contacted Tony´s assistant and she found me a place....after the event ended she reached for me already on my way out to have a nice little chat...such a cute girl.

OUTFIT: Dockers checked shirt, Jesus Culis long vest, Levi´s 559 khaki chino, Zara Men bag & Kenneth Cole combat boots.
 Event: MBFWP15 Day 1 in ATLAPA
Key Piece: Made to measure knee long cotton vest by emerging designer Jesus Culis. (I love it!)
Favourite Runways: Michelle Nassar (national) & Naeem Khan (international)
*Behind the Shot: After being in lines for what it amounted to 2 hours...I was finally on my way to entering Naeem Khan´s private runway when I was notified that a special bracelet was needed...turns out attendees with invites got them on the main entrance but press always access from the backstage door so virtually none of us knew about it....I was at the top of the row....and I´ll just leave it there xD.

OUTFIT: U.S. Polo Assn. shirt, Levi´s sleeveless denim shirt, Polo Ralph Lauren jeans & Kenneth Cole suede brogues.
 Event: MBFWP15 Day 2 in ATLAPA
Key Piece: Levi´s sleeveless denim shirt (I always wear it at least one day to FWP...it has become a tradition)
Favourite Runways: Sousa Pitti (national) & Carmelá Lugo (international)
*Behind the Shot: This wasn´t the outfit I planned for that day but a little issue came up with the ensemble I´ve put together so it had to be changed at the very last minute. I ended up liking it a lot I thought the colors looked great and had this rustic vibe that´s a first time for me.

OUTFIT: John Bejarano black blazer, Sean John graphic tee, Nautica jeans & Dino Bigioni ombré zippered oxfords.
Event: MBFWP15 Day 3 in ATLAPA
Key Piece: Everything....this is one of my favorite looks I´ve ever shot for the blog. Special mention to "Le Boss" John Bejarano for my made to measure black blazer. Btw that t-shirt is awesome I´ll probably wear it again on a future look for you to see it.
Favourite Runways: John Bejarano (national), Graciela Lasso (national), Peter Pilotto (international) & Shantall Lacayo (international).
*Behind the Shot: Because we were already working on the spring collection my blazer was finished the same day of fashion week....and traffic was impossible...and I arrived to mbfwp thinking I had completely missed Peter Pilotto´s runway...luckily for me it was delayed and it started as I entered the runway area! After that everything was perfect, a fitting end for a crazy fashion filled awesome week.

Hugs, Andy.

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