A Sweater Story: Fall Statements.

¡Hola a todos! Haciendo una pequeña pausa entre las entradas sobre el Fashion Week Panamá se que en algunos países si gozan de las cuatro temporadas y que muchos les toca ver los hermosos colores cobrizos y de atardeceres que son propios de la temporada otoñal, la que les confieso nunca he vivido pero es mi absoluta favorita.
En conversaciones con mi mejor amigo surgió el tema de las sudaderas pues él y yo somos fanáticos de las mismas y a ambos se nos ocurrió hacer posts sobre el tema (si, el tiene un Blog y deben visitarlo). En mi caso decidí que esta entrada mostrara como estilizo mis sudaderas favoritas para el otoño; como mencioné el post es sobre esta pieza en especifico así que solamente les dejo los links para las mismas en caso que algunas les interesen el cual pueden acceder si dan click en la marca de la sudadera. 
Lamentablemente chicas este es un post dedicado a los chicos (aunque no hay que descartar quizás algún amigo, familiar o novio este de cumpleaños y estas podrían ser excelentes opciones) lo hago así pues en general el contenido de mi blog es para el sector femenino por lo que de vez en cuando pues hay que hacer algo por ellos que también se lo merecen.

Hello everyone! I´m making a little halt from my Panama Fashion Week entries to touch on a subject, because I know some countries do have the whole spectrum of seasons and I bet a lot of you are bound to be watching the beautiful copper and dusk hues that are so iconic to the fall season, which I confess to have never witnessed but deeply love.
I was talking to my best friend the other day and the theme about sweaters came up which has nothing to do with the fact that we both obsess over them...nothing. So we both decided to tackle the subject (yes he has a Blog and it is a must visit site). When it comes to me you know I love me some polyvore and doing some styling play with it so I decided to style my favourite sweaters for fall, now as stated before this post is all about that staple piece so the only "buying" links are for said garments which you can access by clicking on the brand name in bold.
Sorry ladies this one is fully dedicated to guys (but I do bet maybe a friend, a familiar or a boyfriend might be blowing a candle soon and these definetely are great gift options) I went this way because my blog usually caters mostly to the female sector so every once in a while I must cook something for my lads because they do deserve it.

Hardy Amies Merino Sweater
This is my "out in the city" look. I really liked how urban it came out and can easily see myself in it just wandering....probably around stores xD. The print on the Hardy Amies sweater is really cool but subtle and the geometric pattern just gives it a nice touch of modernity. 

Jack Spade Sanford Crew Neck Striped Sweater
Stripes are awesome no matter the season and those by Jack Spade sure fit that bill. This look can easily adapt to a dresscode free working environment...or casual friday. While the whole look with just the shirt might be great for a very hands on type of matter the sweater is quite bold to just make a statement without looking too overdone and the little print mix with stripes and checks add that style concious vibe to the guy.

French Connection Landscape Lambswool Sweater
My best friend called this the "Rustic Attire"....I actually agree...you can actually wear this to Adele´s new video and fit right in. Just picture it...leaves blowing on your face while you keep trying to tell the person on the "other siiiiiide" that you can´t hear a thing. The colors are very casual and it just exudes comfyness (is that a word?).

Jil Sander Fashion Crew Neck Long Sleeve Sweater
This wasn´t supposed to be retro but oh well. I do like my eighties reference...also don´t mind trends color blocking looks great when done right! I love the old school vibe I get from this styling and that is one amazing sweater...actually one of my favorites from the list. To be honest I´d never take Jil Sander as cool but the range of pullovers by the brand is seriously sick just one of those "take my money now" situations.

Desigual Patterned Sweater 
This one is kind of the right now thing to wear because patchwork is big. Am I the only one who thinks that Desigual´s men department is just cooler? When it comes to both sexes stores guys usually get the "Ok" end of the stick but this brand just get me every time with their clothes. Anyways, I do like the edgy energy the look is projecting and also the hint of fun with the bag cause not everything has to be so serious. A very instagram outfit I believe as well.

The Kooples Sport Two Color Round Neck Sweater
This is my take on a semi-preppy ensemble. There is a kind of correctness to it...this is the kind of outfit you bring home to your parents. It just looks cozy, nice, reliable...like a book and a cup of tea on your favourite spot one chilly and clear afternoon looking through the window while you think to yourself...what a wonderful world...or something like that.

Farah Devers Exploded Check Crew Neck Sweater
I don´t know if it will make you a cool kid but I´d feel really cool in it. Checks, plaid or tartan they always look great in red/black combos and sneakers for the win! This is for that sporty city guy that will no doubt be street style material. The great thing about this look? Just change into some good old leather chukkas and you are good for anything casual.

Christopher Fischer Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater
We all need a little military camo something but not in excess...just a hint and a selected print will go a long way at least from my point of view. Camo tends to work better when restricted to one piece and everything else can be a style inspiration. Like this beautiful green sweater from Christopher Fischer that helps accentuate the military vibe with out being too literal...the boots also work to that effect here. 

Hope you liked my picks!
Hugs, Andy.

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  1. very nice clothes the Jil Sander Sweater and the Desigual are my favs



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