On Air: Featured in Lobby TV

OUTFIT: Nautica polo & jeans, Izod shirt, Nike Air Force 1 sneakers, Aeropostale watch & Perry Ellis belt.
Hola a todos! Hace algunas semanas tuve la oportunidad de salir como uno de los entrevistados para el segmento EXIT del programa de televisión Lobby TV. Esta edición el programa se enfocó mayormente en moda y trends, como podrán apreciar si ven el vídeo, y tuve el privilegio de ser el único fashion blogger invitado. ¡Gracias Lobby!
Espero que disfruten de esta edición que ademas es una buena referencia para conocer sitios, personalidades, música, moda, arte, gastronomía y cultura de mi país.


Hello everyone! A few weeks ago I had the opportunity of being featured as one of the guests of television show Lobby TV in their EXIT segment. This issue of the program was more focused on fashion and trends, I also had the great privilege of being the only fashion blogger invited for the special. ¡Thank you Lobby!
For my non spanish speaking readers I am really sorry but the youtube translator is sooo bad! Anyways I hope you at least enjoy the images and can appreciate the different bits of fashion, art, music, gastronomy and culture you can find in my county. Besides if you are planning to make a visit to Panama you can always pin down some interesting places to go.
In case you can´t figure it out the theme here was The Blue Man group! By the way the hostess of the show was so nice...I´ve met my fair share of hosts...and yeah...but she is definetely one of my favourites so far and truly gets you in the mood for the camera....specially if you go all meme-like as I do. If you can spot me spacing out just before she starts speaking you are oficially cool.

Hugs, Andy.


  1. GREAT!! <3 <3



  2. Wao !!!
    Saliste muy bien y que honor que te hayan dedicado un segmento.


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