Picture Diary 01 - Beach Days + Personal Style #35

Hola a todos! Si algunos de ustedes me sigue en instagram, y ha visto mis recientes fotos, probablemente sabrá que hice el fin de semana. Desde hace un largo tiempo he querido incluir en el blog un poco más de mis actividades no relacionadas a la moda, como por ejemplo mis viajes (breves o extensos), como una forma de compartir más con ustedes y que también conozcan por mi lente los sitios que visito, especialmente si no viven en Panamá.
Por lo tanto he decidido abrir una nueva sección en el blog "Picture Diary" como manera de documentar esos momentos en los que es mucho más que moda, claro con pequeños comentarios personales para animar el asunto. Esta primera edición nos lleva a un viaje corto hacia el sector de Coronado, en las afueras de la capital, donde toda la familia fue a un fin de semana relajado rodeado de vistas preciosas que hoy comparto con ustedes.

Hello everyone! If any of you follows me on instagram and have seen my recent uploads you are probably aware of what I did last weekend if not then I´ll gladly fill you in. From a very long time there´s been the thought of including some non-fashion material in the blog for example my trips (short or extended) as a way of sharing a little more of myself with you and as a medium for you to know parts of my country through my lens, specially if you don´t live in Panama.
So I´ve decided on opening a new section on my blog called "Picture Diary" as a way to document those moments which are just more than fashion, of course with little comments to give it a kick. This first edition takes us on a short trip to Coronado (in english it means "Crowned"...quite fitting) in the outskirts of the city, which in some countries is dubbed the country side, it was a complete family trip, very relaxing and full of beautiful views which I know share with you.

- This is the close-up version of the opening picture...I really like that two toned sand...this is paradise- 

- Sand pedestrians enjoying themselves...I do like its not an overcrowded place...just feels more relaxing - 

- Trying to look for "interesting and artistic" angled pictures -  

- Look at this view...from the parking lot! There is a sweet rocky spot down there...*rushes down* -

- Oh yeah very sweet!...time for a #OOTD...we are never off-duty entirely...U.S. Polo Assn. shirt, Haggar shorts, American Rag flip-flops & Aeropostale sunnies - 

- What a beautiful rock formation...Oh look I´m been photobombed by a canoodling couple...get a room! - 

- Its like the biggest cliché but palm trees really photograph well - 

- Talking about getting a room...we stayed there...love the building and its wavy design with a touch of color...I think it gives it some personality and also quite a 90´s feel - 

- You know the "interesting and artistic" angles thing again - 

- A blogger cliché...the flower wall...it looks good...we almost burned our feet to get this shot...as a stylist once said "Honey, get the shot whatever it takes" -

Hugs, Andy.


  1. Hey Andy, just stopping by to visit your blog..
    Nice pictures and great content.
    I'll certainly be back.
    BTW I am not a spammer ;)

  2. Me gusta tu nueva sección Andres, es una buena forma de conocer parte de tu tierra, unas preciosas fotografías y los lugares son idílicos. Besitos

  3. Q preciosidad de fotos!! Me gustaríoa ir algún día :)

    Besos y feliz semana mi ChicAdicto

  4. Guapisimooooooooooooooooo!!


  5. fantastic place. i really should go to a beach soon. any beach would probably do.



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