A Date With Kiehl´s Pt. 2 - What´s in the box?

My very first unboxing! My beauty blogging friends will be so proud *cries on the inside*

Hola mis queridos lectores y compañeros bloggers! Como les había comentado mi aventura con Kiehl´s tenia una secuela, en esta ocasión les traigo el unboxing del Deluxe Box que la marca de cuidado personal le obsequió a los asistentes que fueron invitados a la reunión. La caja que me tocó contenía más productos masculinos, sin embargo hay otros que son totalmente unisex y geniales; no soy un extraño a la marca ya que Kiehl´s forma parte de mi rutina diaria, soy un gran fanático de su BB Cream. Espero que alguno de los productos a continuación sean lo que están necesitando o buscando, y aquellos que aún no han probado la marca los incentive a darle una oportunidad, lo vale.

Hello my dear readers and fellow bloggers! As I told you my Kiehl´s adventure had a sequel, not all of them are bad, this time I´d like to show you the unboxing, which is also my first, from the Deluxe Box all attendees were given at the reunion. My box had a bit more male products but there were also some unisex goodies to keep it varied. I am no stranger to Kiehl´s skin care goods since some of them actually take part in my daily routine, I am a big fan of their BB Cream. I hope some of these products might be what you were looking for or needing, and if you are new to the brand that they inspire you to give it a go, it´s so worth it!
I think this is my face´s version a happy meal xD

Leave sandpaper for its correct use...there is nothing better than a soft caress.

Sometimes you get to that age when you worry a map will develop on your face...this is a great product to help prevent and assist with face lines. Its lightweight formula is designed so it feels fresh and non greasy.

This one is awesome...though it says gentle I actually thought it was a bit on the strong side (I mean you could feel the scrub) but its after effect is not irritating thanks to the Aloe Vera and it has a very sweet smell. Better if its used two or three times a week tops.

A Kiehl´s classic...I´ve never tried it before and loved it. Odorless and with a rapid absorbtion that has a long lasting effect, on the long run it really improves the overall look of your skin.

I am hooked! Such a good shaving cream I love the smell and the easyness of it...and it leaves me minty fresh!

Some petite size goodies...the eye cream sadly might not be for me...I am not wrinkley...yet...thanks LAWD! But the box also came with mini samples and there was an eye cream for dark circles which is perfect for me because mine have reached epic proportions xD.  The soap is great...this one is a lot better to use daily while the previous scrub you might want to leave it for let´s say two times a week. Their midnight recovery is one of the best sellers of the brand and it helps in the recovery from the daily agressions the skin suffers during the day...it nourishes it while visually improving the skin.

Hugs, Andy.


  1. Pues que completa Andrés ! son una maravilla esas cajitas.



  2. Me encanta esta marca!Uso algunos productos! La cajita super completa la verdad!

    Un besito! ❤️
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  3. Madre mia que caja mas completa!



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