Peek-a-boo! Icons for Fendi.

Hola a todos! Hoy quiero enseñarles la reciente colaboración de Fendi, me refiero a las ediciones especiales del Peekaboo bag de la marca. Con motivo de la apertura de su tienda en New Bond Street de Londres la marca Fendi ha reclutado a una variedad de mujeres icono para que personalizaran a su gusto un modelo del bolso peekaboo. La reconocida casa de moda se rige por una frase "Nada es imposible" y fue precisamente la única regla que se les dio a las damas para sus creaciones. Con motivo de este evento se hará una subasta de la cual los fondos serán destinados a Kids Company, organización que se dedica a ayudar a niños que han sufrido de abusos, abandono o negligencia. 
¿Cual es su favorito? En mi caso, me encantan los de Adele, Naomie y Cara. Espero que todos tengan un bonito fin de semana, el de nosotros acá es decisivo ya que este domingo se llevan a cabo las elecciones presidenciales así que muchas cosas importantes que hacer.

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share with you Fendi´s recent collaboration, I´m talking about the special editions of the Peekaboo bag. Now that the brand is opening is first store at New Bond Street in London, and because of this, the powers that be at Fendi decided to recruit a variety of iconic women so they could do their own spin on the peekaboo bag. The legendary fashion house drives under one motto "Nothing is impossible" and that was exactly the only direction given to the ladies for their creations. Another catch from this particular project is that the bags will be auctioned and the proceedings will go to the Kids Company charity, which is a benefit that dedicates to help inner-city children who have suffered from abuse, abandon or neglect.
Which one is your favourite? I´m particularly drawn to Adele, Naomie and Cara´s. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, ours is quite eventful and decisive because this sunday we vote to elect our new president so yeah quite some things to do.

Hugs, Andy.


  1. OMG Andy what a fabulous selection!!! I adore most of them, I don't even want to choose!:Dlol
    Happy Sunday!

  2. I had no idea this was happening but omggg!!!!! The monster bag was already awesome but these are just beyond!!! The peekaboo is one of my favourite bags but unfortunately my bank account is too empty to buy it haha :) And how awesome the proceedings go to charity! I love the Georgia Jagger and Katie! But they're all stunning haha :) Good luck with voting Andy!! xxx


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