Personal Style #9 - Savy Layers.

Thrifted Tshirt, Perry Ellis Cardigan, Oleg Cassini Shirt, Rocawear Sleevless Shirt, Wrangler Jeans, DC Shoes "Pure" Sneakers & Bunny Rabit Cap.

Hola a todos! Y como lo prometido es deuda hoy inicio la semana con mi look para el lunes, el cual esta inspirado en el layering y en los cuadros. Esta combinación de rojo, blanco y negro es una de mis favoritas y bueno claro el denim celeste para romper la montonía en los colores. Decidí que con cada look revelaré 5 cosas sobre mi con el fin de que me puedan llegar a conocer un poco más, si alguno tiene interés en preguntarme algo los exhorto a escribirlo en los comentarios y con gusto les responderé en el siguiente post de Personal Style (recuerden que todos los días de esta semana haré uno).

Hello everyone! As I promised i´m starting the week with a personal style look for this monday, which is inspired by layering and checks. This color combo red, black and white is one of my all time favourites and I also chose a light denim just to break the montone vibe of the outfit. I´ve also decided that with each look there will be a list of 5 things about me just so you can get know me a little bit better, if anyone has a question please do ask in the comments and I´ll answer it in my next Personal Style post (remember I´m doing one each day of this week).

5 Things About Me.
1. I am a huge fan of asian culture and I also have a specific set of things I like about three countries. I love Chinese art, Japanese anime and Korean music, but above all I love the food of each one of them (which I can´t eat know cause is prohibited in my diet...dat bitch!).

2. If there is one thing that will hook me to the tv like nothing else is cosmic related anything...I´m just a geek for those programs.

3. I hate least on me I just can´t wrap my head around wearing them.

4. Reading is one of my hobbies...though it takes me a lot of time to go through books...not because I read slowly just a question of time to do it and besides I just keep buying them there like 20 books I haven´t read just sitting there.

5. There is not a point in my childhood or young adulthood in which I can remember not having a now I think they are my destiny Lol.

See you tomorrow, Hugs, Andy.

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  1. Soy un enamorado de los cuadros y su tendencia, me encanta la propuesta Andrés y también conocerte un poquito más !

    Buen comienzo de semana


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