Personal Style #12 - Casual Club.

Izod Shirt, Zara Tie, Perry Ellis Sweater, Nautica Jeans & Clarks Shoes.

Feliz jueves! Ya estamos cerca de acabar la semana y hoy traigo un look más casual de lo habitual...para que vean que no siempre todo es sobre zapatillas jaja...ahora que les escribo eso, hoy casualmente vi un par de zapatos hermosos...y a un precio excelente y creo que los comprare, probablemente los vean en el blog más adelante. Los zapatos que estoy utilizando en la foto son una nueva adquisición de Clarks y la verdad que me encantan, son muy cómodos y el color es genial (los chicos de la tienda también me incluyeron el liquido para mantener el cuero lustroso...puntos por atención!).

Happy thursday! We are already close to saying goodbye to this week and today I´m here with a look that´s definetely more casual than what you usually see on me...sometimes I do trade my sneakers for a great pair of shoes lol...on that note, today I saw a fantastic pair of shoes and the price was on spot, I think they´ll join my collection and of course you´ll see them on the blog later xD. The shoes I´m wearing today are a new in from Clarks and I love them, they are very comfortable and the color is great (the guys from the store also included on my purchase a leather maintainance so I can have them clean and shiny...points for attention!).

5 Things About Me
1. Its one of my fashion goals...lets just go with that have a sneaker from each of my favourite brands...I´m missing Reebok and Vans...I won´t give up!

2. In my closet there are a pair of monogram brown leather and canvas Guess sneakers I literally haven´t worn...because for some reason I can´t find anything that I like to pair them with...its just so wierd.

3. I am one of those people who opens their closet and thinks "I´ve nothing to wear"...mostly because I really don´t like repeating outfits (though I do kinda wear them almost the same but I change some things just to not making it exact). And I know there´s nothing wrong with repeating them...but not at events, hell no!

4. I have a really great work relationship with my boss and he likes to troll me...cause he like that! It makes for a super fun work time though...besides I troll him back...we are just trollers lol.

5.  I use to have a terrible nickname in school...back then most of the guys were into the WWF so each of us was "assigned" a character...mine was just...I mean the nickname wasn´t that bad...but the person it came from...ugh! Why couldn´t they be into G.L.O.W.? How awesome would it be to nicknamed Andy Ferrari *snaps*.

Hugs, Andy.


  1. cool pic!

  2. Hola guapo! Muy elegante, estoy deseando ver esos nuevos zapatos en siguientes post!

  3. POr Dios Andy!! mas fotos como esta ! me encanta que salgas en los posts!

    que estilazo!!!



  4. Amazing post! I love it:)

  5. Tiene que ser comodísimos los nuevos zapatos de Clarks !! que chulos !
    un casual chic de lujo.


  6. Gracias por pasarte por nuestro blog :D

  7. Me encanta el jersey!
    Los zapatos de Clarks son siempre una pasada, son comodísimos!



  8. Great style, I love your pictures inspire me)) LOVE!!


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