The Scotch & Soda Opening Party.

I am absolutely in love with the menswear labels...just beautifully made.

Hola a todos! La semana pasada fui invitado, muchas gracias, a la apertura oficial de la tienda Scotch & Soda en el Mall Multiplaza Pacific. Confieso que no conocía la marca así que no sabia exactamente que esperar, pero mi sorpresa fue muy grata. El estilo de Scotch & Soda esta en esa línea entre lo casual y relajado, con piezas como sacos, camisas y vestidos, pero al mismo tiempo se pueden encontrar hermosos jerséis de punto, camisetas con estampados tropicales, jumpsuits y una variada selección de ropa que no solo es visualmente atractiva sino que posee una calidad que lo vale. 
Esta marca holandesa nació en los años ochenta, aunque en sus inicios no gozo de una gran aceptación por el público su verdadero despegue se dio en el 2001 cuando fue reestructurada y relanzada como una alternativa para la moda joven y fresca. La firma posee varias lineas siendo Scotch & Soda la principal dedicada a la vestimenta masculina, Maison Scotch para las mujeres, Scotch Shrunk para niños y Scotch R´Belle para niñas, adicional también fabrica una linea de denim y productos urbanos bajo el nombre Amsterdam Blauw. Los invito a conocer la tienda.

Hello everyone! Last week I was invited, thanks so much btw, to the official opening of the Scotch & Soda store in Mall Multiplaza Pacific. I confess that the brand was totally new to me so I didn´t really knew what to expect but oh boy was I in for a treat. Scotch & Soda´s style is just in the middle of that line between casual and relax, with pieces like blazers, shirts and dresses but at the same time selling a wonderful assortment of t-shirts with tropical prints, sweaters, jumpsuits and a great selection of clothing that´s just not only visually attractive but has a really good quality.
This dutch brand saw the light for the first time in mid 80´s though at the time it didn´t really had much recognition from general public, that was until 2001 when it went under a rebranding and relaunch offering great clothes for young and fresh people. The brand has various line being Scotch & Soda the leading one which focuses on menswear, Maison Scotch for womenswear, Scotch Shrunk for boys and Scotch R´Belle for girls, they also have a line which sells denim and urban pieces which is called Amsterdam Blauw. I invite you all to come with me and take a sneak peek into the store.

Hey, Mr. DJ! Put a record on I...well I don´t have a baby...the hell with it im dancing on my own!


This are awesome...and I don´t even wear shorts...I´d wear these...I think LOL.

Take my money now!

Obsessed with this t-shirt!

Yes I am probably going back to buy the know I like me some crazy socks.


Love the colors in this clutch...lavender, red and a little pretty.

Florals for spring?...It may not be groundbreaking...but it sure aint ugly either.

Details, details, details.

This bag was giving me life! 

If you live in Panama pay them a visit is totally worth it...if you don´t then check their collections online cause they are simply cool.

Hugs, Andy.


  1. La tienda me chifla!!! esa cartera de mano es genial

  2. Que gran firma Andrés, la sigo desde hace muchos años con alguna prenda en el armario. Veo propuestas muy tentadoras, jajaja, un reportaje y evento de lujo.


  3. Uy!que buena pinta tiene esta tienda, desde los estampados hasta los diseñ ha encantado!

    besitos guapo..siempre sorprendiendo!!!

    Tienes muy buen gusto!!


  4. Oh so cool they are in Panama now!! I love the brand, and I buy much stuff with them! The only thing I don't like is that their stores always smell with like waaayyy too much perfume... Curious if that's also in the shop in Panama? Haha xxx


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