PTY´s One´s To Watch.

Emerging Talent from the 507.

Para el inicio de la semana más que una noticia es un reportaje, usualmente escribo sobre artistas y diseñadores extranjeros pero hoy quería mostrar 3 artistas que son de mi país y que sin duda los considero jóvenes a tener en la mira.

For the start of the week more than news I think its some sort of coverage, I usually write about foreign designers and artists but reality is that here in my country we do also have people with great skills so I´d like to introduce you to 3 of them which I totally think are the "One´s to watch".

GALE ROSSE - Illustration

Geoffrey Rose (a.k.a. Gale Rosse) is a friend, blogger and fashion illustrator, among many other things, that has been releasing his best picks from NYFW gathering a lot of attention through social networks (designer Peter Som retweeted one of his sketches). I really love the way he draws and he sure has a passion for fashion and its my believe that in months to come we will be seeing some amazing things from him. Be sure to check his facebook page and blog.

VIVE LE BLANC - Jewelry Design

You know I usually don´t gravitate towads jewelry but once in a while there comes a brand that you are just unable to not look at. Vive Le Blanc is an accesories line created by fellow blogger Alexa Chacón and her mother which presents their jewelry through the crochet techinique. One of the things I love about this brand is the fact that they have managed to edge up crochet creating incredible pieces that preserve the tradition of the craft and have the modern spice of today´s youth. If you wish to know and see more from this brand you can through the FB Fanpage: their latest collection "Sueños de Sirena" is to die for and features another fellow blogger, Deborah Kuzniecky, as the model.

RETZ - Music

I´ll be real with you for some time it was really hard for me to like any band that came out from Panama mostly because I could never find the music to live up to my standard (I´m very very picky with that) but lately there has been some movement in the musical scene that´s got me quite interested and one of the bands that I am totally rooting for is Retz. This six guys have been causing quite the stir with their covers of retro songs which is basically the core of the band´s style and they´ve recently released their first single which is every bit as retro and incredible fresh at the same time. With suits as their dressing choice the guys look already dapper to make a big entrance and I can´t wait to see how far they will go. To keep track of then you can follow them through FB

Hugs, Andy.


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