Dior Cruise 2014 Shoes.

  Colorful, gorgeous and amazing! There´s nothing much I can say about this shoe collection but that it is a stunner with clean lines, bold hues and just high enough to make you look regal without the pain inducing skyscraper quality of super tall heels, just a plain ol´good shoe line and I expect nothing else from Dior. And because I just love the color my next outfit post will be just as bold...lets just hope it doesn´t end up in a trainwreck...color has never been my "thing".

¿Which one was your favourite?

Hugs, Andy.


  1. Phoew I hadn't seen these but WAUW!!!! Love the blue ones with the white/black sole especially! Colour is not really my thing either (I mostly wear jeans and white/grey) but I always put a pop of colour in my shoes so these are perfect for me!!! Curious for your outfit darling!!! xxx

  2. Amazing post, I am delighted with your blog! Wonderful blog))

  3. Uff que preciosidad y elegancia !!!!

    Abrazos Andrés


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