New Arrivals

It smells like...brand new stuff!

Hola a todos! Lamento que la noticia del lunes venga tan tarde (bueno acá son las 11:47 P.M.) pero como dicen más vale tarde que nunca. En esta ocasión quiero mostrarles algunas de las cositas nuevas que han llegado a mi closet (y tocador) casi todas fueron regalos navideños y no esta demás decir que ¡Me encantan!

Hello everyone! I´m sorry that today´s Monday News came quite late (its 11:47 P.M. over here) but as the saying goes better late than never. This time I´d like to show you some of my recent new in´s which are almost all christmas gifts and of course ¡I Love Them!

1. Calvin Klein Laptop Bag
I just love this one though my laptop died on me a few months ago this baby is perfect as a clutch.

2. New Balance Sneakers
Blue is always a great way to go with me! Besides I was in dire need for a pair of blue sneakers.

3. Quirky Socks
This might go in as my fashion fetish (or style fetish). Socks with cool patterns are just awesome!

4. Kenneth Cole Brown Suede Brogues
It has to be my favourite so far, actually a fellow blogger was teasing me the other day about the ridiculous amount of sneakers I have and then these came home ¿Maybe this year is all about getting THE SHOES?

5. Calvin Klein´s CK One
Shout out to my granny! Timeless fragance, fresh and perfect for summer.

6. Kiehl´s BB Cream
I´ve been doing some cosmetic research behind the scenes (I´m thinking of doing product reviews for men skin care) and the folks over at Kiehl´s were so kind to lend me some samples and I absolutely LOVED their BB Cream, is really easy on the face, not greasy, I was very satisfied with the even skin tone action and it has SPF 60 which is always great on any skin care product. I´m what a friend once called "Tropical Cinnamon" skin tone...LOL...and the medium tone on the cream works perfectly with my skin.

Hugs, Andy.


  1. Your granny has great taste :p Lovely things!! I'm a big fan of the shoes, I have them too! We can be matching haha :) xx

  2. Que chulas adquisiciones !!!!!
    no sabria con que quedarme !jejeje


  3. cool stuffs<3


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