Friday Special: Fashion Week Panamá - Round Up Pt.3

Layering has never looked better!

Hoy vengo con todo lo acontecido en el último día de Fashion Week Panamá...como verán este es el post más largo y eso que no fueron todos los bloques, ese día habian tres pero llegué tarde al primero. Debido a la longitud y al hecho de que son las 4:00 AM y estoy a punto de caer rendido limitare a añadir pequeños comentarios antes de cada set. Solo quiero agregar dos cosas más: la primera es que mi único arrepentimiento fue no poder fotografiar la colección de Ludovica Koch (por que llegue tarde y mi puesto estaba en el medio de la pasarela) y la segunda es que no incluí la colección del diseñador Vicente Castellon ya que tengo planeado algo especial con ella mas adelante. Disfruten.

Hello everyone, today I´m here with the final installment of the Fashion Week Panama you can see this is probably the largest post and I didn´t even photograph every runway block, there were three that day and I arrived late to the first one. Because this is quite an extensive post and it is 4:00 AM and I´m about to pass out here lol...I´ll just add some comments before each photo set. Finally I´d like to point two things out: the first is that I have the biggest regret for not being able to take picture of Ludovica Kock´s designs (I was late and my seat was in the middle of the runway...there was no way) and the second one is that I didn´t include Vicente Castellon´s collection because I have planned something special with that one for later. Enjoy.

Tom Van der Borg (Guest designer - Belgium)
 The coolest thing I´ve ever seen so far...the shapes, the colors, the prints, the layers...knock out collection!

 Guillermo Jackson
 He was an emerging designer last year...he is one of the pack now...nice collection, very figure flattering.

 Butterfly Villa (my bias <3)
 Amazing...great how she pushes the line sometimes...its needed. I´m getting mine, obviously xD

 Chajin Designs by Annie Chajin
 Panamanian roots, colors, vibrance, fun and eye catching...this woman knows her stuff!

Dmitry Sholokhov (Guest designer - USA)
Winner of Project Runway (last year we had Leanne Marshall) Beautiful collection that gold jacket! GOLD!

 Tatiana Uliantzeff
 Dubbed by me the Queen of Lace...elegant, sensous yet romantic, a woman...what a Woman!

 Anna Francesca Blasser
 The f**ing coolest runway...this girls knows showmanship...great clothes, Naega Jail Jal Naga attitude (if you don´t know what this means look it up on kpop translations) and soundtrack that includes Michael Jackson...Fun, fun, fun!

Vergara & Vergara
The showstoppers...or closers...somebody said they might be our equivalent of Marc Jacobs...whatever it is...they did a grand and fantastic finale to the three days of fashion and everything gorgeous! Great styling on this one...and a very much functional approach without sacrificing absolute style.

Just because...besides its october this should be this month´s official anthem ¿Am I wrong?
Hugs, Andy.


  1. Muy buen resumen de esta edición, espero lo hayas disfrutado!!
    Abrazo y buen finde, Germán

  2. Wow Amazing photos!:)

  3. Cool looks!


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