The Artist Label: Elodie Drivon Avila

Elodie Drivon Avila

¡Hello everyone! It´s been a long time since I posted on the blog but I decided to take a little break to recharge my batteries, hope you can all forgive me for being M.I.A. As you know I really like to feature different types of artists in this blog, last time it was a photographer, on this occasion we are stepping into the wonderous make up land with a woman whose work really came to my attention a while ago. Her sweetness and coolness are mirrored by a talent and passion for a craft that is essential to many other artistic branches as it is to women´s life. So join me and lets get to know her.

 Q & A

1. Please give me a little resume of your background.
A. My name is Elodie Drivon Avila. I was born in Strasbourg, France. Since the age of 4, I have lived in different regions of the world. Ghana, Cambodia, Thailand, Dubai, Romania, London and now Panama.
2. ¿What inspired you to become a make up artist?
A. I always had an artistic side, it all started out with singing, dancing and theatre. I used to love watching my mom do her make up before going out. 
3. ¿Where did you study?
A. I studied at Make Up Forever Academy in Nice. At the academy, I was trained in all categories from beauty, fashion, artistic, theatre, cinema, historical make up, special effects to face and body painting.
4. ¿What is the most important thing you need to take care in the process of applying make up?
A. The most important thing I would say is to detect the skin tone of my client in order to find or prepare the foundation that would match the color of the skin.

5. ¿Do you prefer regular make up or artistic?
A. This is a hard one hehe...Well I am a very creative person so I always enjoy doing extravagant looks. I love working my blendings and the subtility of elegant yet simple make up. I would say I need to do both to feel complete as a make up artist.
6. ¿Why did you chose Panama as a place to work?
A. Love makes you do incredible things. I came to Panama for my husband who is french-panamanian.
7. ¿What has been your most memorable work in Panama, so far?
A. Since my arrival in Panama, I have work with different photographers such as Luciano Salazar, Lizzie Photography, Fernando Bocanegra, Alvaro Ching, Alex Alba, Dito Lopez, Mike Morelos, Georges Don, Archi and Sergio Veranes. With each and everyone of them I have done beautiful collaborations getting to know their styles and influences. Luciano Salazar is the first photographer who I worked with, our first collaboration was very artistic and different, it was exposed during Fashion Week Panama (Fashion Night Out).
8. ¿Have you been influenced on your work by our carribean culture?
A. Having traveled around the world has inspired me so much. Yes, the tropics definetly inspire my work. I always say that I blend French elegance with the exotism of Panama.
9. ¿What are your views on the make up environment here in Panama?
A. Panama is developing more and more the art field. In regards to the make up environment, I still think that artists are not yet recognized fully as what they truly are. The Make Up world is an art where you not only need talent but skills and techniques. I think it would be amazing to have a make up academy launched in the next years. The beauty factor is important here, women love to get their hair, nails and make up done. This is why I think there´s a lot of potential for make p artists.
10. ¿Is there any particular dream you would like to accomplish in the next few years?
A. ¡I would love to become a senior make up artist for a Haute Couture brand!

A little bit of Elodie...
1. A color: Green
2. Favourite Food: Lebanese
3. Favourite Quote: Express your inner beauty.
4. Rock or Pop: Pop
5. Fashion Style: Ethnic and Retro
6. Best Movie Ever: Moulin Rouge
7. Flats or Heels: Flats
8. I would like to meet: The talented make up artist Pat McGrath.

Make Up Tips:
*Make sure your skin is clean and use a face primer (this will help your foundation stay longer and also makes a barrier between the natural oil of your face and the one on the foundation).
*Before applying your liquid or gel liner, put mascara. This will strenghten your eyelashes and give you a support when applying eyeliner.
*Make sure you clean your face with facial soap even after using make up remover. ¡You would be suprised  to find out you still have make up!

You can check out more of her work here:

hugs, Andy.


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