Edgy Indulgence

My new bag from BV by Geniesse Pierre, this was costum made for me resembling the aesthetic of her last collection presented at FWP 2012, though instead of gold studs I got silver...cause I like that color best. This just became officially the coolest bag I own.

Yes I said gold wasn´t my thing...but when I saw this bracelet there was nothing else to do but buy it (I have a thing for skulls that pretty much closed the deal lol). I got it on this really cool online shop in my country called Whatdashop they sell all kinds of curious and fun items, they are mostly for women but once in a while you find things that go on the unisex side.

Ok, this is not new...I got the shoes from Zara a couple of months ago but this is the first time they are featured on my blog (so lets say they are new). What I love about them is the fact that they are shiny without being to flashy and they´re truly the best of both worlds shoes and sneakers, comfort and elegance...for me that´s just about perfection.

Hola a todos, espero tengan un lindo domingo, quise tomarme un tiempo entre un gran numero de posts que vendrán para enseñarles algunas cosillas nuevas en mi armario (que por cierto ya se esta quedando chico). Últimamente he estado adquiriendo prendas con un toque un poco mas edgy ya que creo es bueno tratar de agregar elementos nuevos al estilo, ademas que es muy divertido armar outfits diferentes ¿No creen?
Aunque no suelo hacerlo mucho esta semana tengo varios eventos así que haré lo posible por tomar fotos de mis estilismos para hacer algunos outfit post.
Hi everyone, I hope you are having a nice Sunday, I wanted to take some time among a large number of posts that will come to show you some of  the new stuff in my closet (which by the way is starting to become quite small). Lately I've been buying items with a touch a little more edgy as I think it is good to try and add new elements to the style, plus it is really fun putting together different outfits ¿Am I right?
Although I don´t usually do it much this week, that I´ll be attending several events, I will do my best to take pictures of my outfits to make some outfit post.

hugs, Andru.


  1. Me pasa lo mismo que a ti con el armario!!

    Buenas compras!

    ¡Buen comienzo de semana!

    J. Héctor

  2. Hola guapo!! Gracias por tu comentario! Si, tiene un aire al estilo de V.B. Lo de la fotos pues mira, paso las fotos a menos de 800 pixeles y asi picassa que es donde blogger almacena las fotos, no las reconoce por lo que no gastas tu capacidad. Es un poco lioso, yo lo hago a traves de photoshop, las paso a menos resolucion :-). Si tienes dudas preguntame!!.

    Un besico


  3. Que bonitas adquisiciones Andrés !
    a drisfrutarlas !
    disfruta de la semana y eventos, estaré atento a próximas publicaciones.



  4. lovely, great post.

  5. lovely blog man!


  6. Que chula la mochila!


    te sigo^^

  7. WOW!! Me gustan muchísimo tus nuevas adquisiciones!! el bolso es PERFECTO

    Muchos besos

  8. Me encanta tu nuevo Bolso! Es ideal!!!

    Besos Chipless by Dave Aiman


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