Panama Street Style - Program 1.

Hello my dear readers...I just wanted to do a quick post to share with you this amazing new show in my country which is hosted by one of my fellow fashion bloggers, Deborah. Panama Street Style is the name of her blog, and the show, which features different segments that function as a style guide and introduces new fashion bits and bobs in Panama (and occasionally other countries).
I am writing in english because the video is in I can´t tell you exactly everything they are saying but I can make a resume of each segment ¿Shall we begin?

1. The program starts with the useful segment Pocket Savings, this time is about finding clothes for work according to what suits for the place and the woman´s body shape, with a credit limit of 100 dollars.
2. The second segment is Style Talk in which we are introduced to Art & Technology Concept Lab a new fashion school to prepare eager designers in the basics of clothes making so they can apply for fashion degrees in other countries. One of the persons in charge is the lovely Geniesse Pierre which the oldest of my followers might know because I have like a ton of her bags haha.
3. Smart Shopping Reviews is all about intelligent shopping, in this case in a flea market in NY City in which we can see some beautiful pieces including panamanian indigenous motifs.
4. D.I.Y. introduce us to stylist and blogger Liz Moreno who is known for her DIY creations for stylings, on this occasion we learn how to make flower headbands.
5. For the Coolhunting we are taken to the Mini Cooper party and search for the most stylish people in the place...they are working it!
6. Finally but not least Tip of the tips show us how to style a maxi dress in three different ways for several occasions.

I really liked the program and I hope it gets a wide and great reception. Hope you all enjoy it.

hugs, Andru.


  1. q video mas genial!!!!


  2. Que video mas guay!



  3. Fantástico vídeo! Muy informativo.


  4. Que chulo el video Andy, muy interesante el programa, exitazo !


  5. Video Fantastico!

    Mr J.Kane

  6. Andy muchísimas gracias por compartir este video con nosotr@s!! es genial! me encantaron los looks para el trabajo que se pudieron comprar con bajo presupuesto

    y la presentadora es ideal!

    un besote y gracias tb por tan lindo comentario en mi blog!!

    feliz fin de semana

  7. Great video, looked with great pleasure!!


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