Award + Random stuff about me!

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing wonderful and have a great week start!...I decided to write this post in english cause its kinda long and I really didn´t have that much time to do both versions. So I found out I was given an award by my dear friend Rosa from My Stylish Little Secret (yeah its kind of a wierd award cause in fact there are two) I want to thank her a lot she is such a sweet a person and also a very stylish one. So of course like most awards I was requiered some things for its acceptance and they are the next:

Complete this form
Name your favourite color: Fushia (I don´t wear it that much at all but I love it)
Name your favourite song: Fire & Ice from Within Temptation
Name your favorite dessert: Red Velvet Cake or Cupcake
What pisses you off: False people...I just don´t get it...
When you´re upset you: Sleep or listen to music depending on how upset I am
Your favourite pet: Dogs!
Black or White: I´d say Grey...but its not an option so lets go with Black
Your biggest fear: Losing a friend or a relative
Best feature: Friendliness
Everyday attitude: Being positive is the way to go!
What is perfection: Finding inner peace
Guilty pleasure: Disney songs hahaha...what can I say they are quite contagious!

7 Random things about myself
1. I have quite the problem with dry skin so I am constantly mosturizing it             
2. I really don´t like gold for myself...I´m more of a silverish guy haha
3. In my life I think I´ve had like 4 o 5 dogs (yeah I can´t remember a time when I didn´t have one!)
4. One of my dogs was called Madonna haha
5. I love reading...but I usually buy a book and then read it like 3 months later! I have like a book procastination problem xD
6. You´ve probably read me complaining about never eating macarons...well I finally did and boy do they were good!
7. This is the most excited thing for me to say...cause I´ve been wanting to say it since a very long time!..I am working as a Stylist for a company here in Panama...and I can´t be more happy about it they are one of the most creative teams I´ve met and also great human beings...and believe me soon you will be able to see some of my work..along with a really huge surprise!

Pass this award to 5 blogs (it were actually 15 but I though they were to much and I have little time and besides the requirements were optional/changable)
Jay Strut
Adrien Loren
I know, right?


  1. lol I used to be into silver things too but then over the past year or so I turned into a gold person, they say the older you get the more you're attracted to gold I'm beginning to think that's true!

    and hahah just read your comment about the film fest on my post- I TOTALLY KNOW WHO YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT and damn ya totally!! ;)

  2. lol andy me encanto lo de las canciones de disney no puedo parar de reirme ,... a mi me gusta la de Mulan!!! hahaha


    My Stylish Little Secret

  3. Congrats you really deserve it because you created fabulous place for your readers!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  4. Thanks for the award!besos! Oooo you're woorking as a stylist now?! I can't wait to see your work, how exciting! Congratulations! xoxoxx

  5. Congratulations on the fabulous award, my dear, and thank you so much for passing it along to me. :)

    I loved reading these facts about you. I also am a silver person (gold just doesn't look right on me, I don't think, lol). And if I had a dog, I would totally name it Madonna!! Hehe. xoxo

  6. My favourite pets are dogs, too! I love the colour fuschia, also. :)SarahD xx

  7. Andy, so many things we find out! I kind of knew red velvet would be there some where! Cannot wait to see your work as a stylist as you have such great taste when you feature the collections on your blog!

  8. loosing a relative is also one of my biggest fears..i am sure it is most peoples

  9. Hun congrats on award(s) and your new job, it couldn't be more perfect!!!!:))) I am so happy to hear this and I'm so looking forward to see some of your new work ideas!!
    Madonna dog?? That's so U!:Dlol Love all the things I found out now about u!:)

  10. Ahora ye te conocemos algo mejor! jaja! muchisimas gracias por la nominación!!


    Adrien Loren

  11. heart congratulations on the award and I love red velvet cupcakes too! and for silver - well i am a gold girl and I love fuchsia too - but cant say I have a single piece in my wardrobe....thing that's going to have to change and soon haha

  12. Enhorabuena por el premio ! muy merecido,
    a partir de ahora te conoceremos un poquito más,me alegra .

    Bicos e apertas

  13. Congrats!

  14. You have such a great blog! Maybe follow each other?
    xoxo, E :)

  15. well done :) lovely blog xxx

  16. Enhorabuena :D me alegro por tii!!!


  17. Felicidades por tu premio que te lo mereces!!!

  18. Congratulations, Andy¡¡¡
    Tu nuevo año lo estrenas con premio, qué bien¡¡¡
    Me alegro por tu trabajo, han acertado contigo

  19. Muy guapas las dos modelos que fotografiaste. Y es que adoro ver las dos caras de un desfile: el de la propia colección y el de la gente que asiste.

    A mi tambiñen me encanta captar el street style de la gente que acude a los eventos.
    Animate a pasarte, espero que también te guste.


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