Fashion Week Panama- Day 2 - Block A

Hello everyone! We keep going through Fashion Week Panama and now we move on to Day 2 (friday) which I believe had the best runway shows. This post is about friday´s Block A...and if you happen to think this block is will drool over the next one..that I can promise!

Fernanda Quiros
The first block kicked off with the very natural and ethnic inspired collection of designer Fernanda Quiros. The freshness of the clothes was very much palpable and the colors were amazing (summer here we come) I did percived an inspiration from one of our indian cultures (Embera) in the make up and in the shapes of some pieces. I find this awesome, the indian cultures of our country have a very rich range of shapes, colors and clothing styles. Also the designer told me she was very much inspired by the architecture of Le Corbusier..fantastic collection indeed.

Fashion Design Students from Ganexa University of Art
One of the things I love from Fashion Week Panama is that they open the door for new and upcoming designers to start showcasing their talent into a bigger and international venue.Ganexa University of Art, through its Fashion Designs career, has been the house of many designers in Panama...the designers chosen to present this FWP were definetely not dissapointing, with a great range of styles I can honestly say you better watch out cause something amazing is going to happen very soon in Panama´s fashion design scene.
Isabel Chacin
Keyris De Leon
Melissa Guerrero
Veronica Larre
Londy Mendieta
(I am crazy about the shoes in this collection I want them so bad)
Josse Karlo De Janon
(this collection got everyone´s eyes and talking...and why wouldn´t was just great)

Irma Casis
A true veteran in fashion, she is very much known here in Panama..and with much reason, her designs, specially her jewelry capture the happiness, chill, tropicalness and vibrant colors that characterizes us panamenians, all this with a wonderful touch of elegance. Her collection had beautiful dresses which I can see perfectly in a luxury beach resort dancing through the wind as you have a delicious mimosa. The jewelry just exude vibrant class..and the bigger the better! A special mention to the hats, I really think more people should wear hats they just take an outfit to a whole other level.

Jean Mackens
I don´t consider myself a fashion expert nor ever have claim to be...and this as was one of those occasions I very much realized it. Mr. Mackens was completely unknown for me but I was glad to meet him...and folks did he brought evening?! The dresses were so classy and beautiful, I do think his evening gowns were the stars of his collection, made for a princess. The color range in this collection was very much complementary changing from reds to fuscias, pinks and peachy creams (yes when I don´t know the exact name I just come up with crazy terms haha) which give the entire collection a very dreamy and soft vibe.

Edda Gonzalez
And then there was the collection that killed me haha...I can´t get over this one..the dresses, the colors, the stripes, the...disco leopard (see crazy terms haha)...and that printed jumpsuit! Another designer I wasn´t aware of and then she came and rocked my world haha this collection I think was beautiful I love every minute of it and talk of a way of making sheer look hot and fabulously demure!

Sanchez by Angel Sanchez (guest)
Closing the first Block was venezuelan designer Angel Sanchez with a very crips and elegant collection, most of the piece had a minimalist streak they were kept very clean just with a few embellisments or maby a ruffle...some others had a more fabric complicated design but always keeping that very pristine look through the entire collection. Sadly the designer couldn´t attend because of a previous work commitment but he sure left and impression with this clothes.


  1. Josse Karlo De Janon definitely my fave!!^^


  2. Fernando Quiros tiene un Jumpsuit espectacular en la segunda imagen....

    Es diferente y solo por ello me encanta!

    Un beso Chipless by Dave

  3. Andy, you have such a good eye for style! It is so hard to pick a favourite look amongst this collection. I must say that I always admire designers who use local ethnic influences!

  4. I love the Jean Mackens dresses! so charming!
    xx Ilka

  5. Que coleccion realmente magnifica me encanta las fotos ;) Tienes un blog precioso !!


  6. I Love the first set of photos:) The designs and how the designers mix white with neon summer...great for inspiration:)

    Happy blogging:)

  7. OMG!!! WOWWWWW!!! what an amazing display of latino!!!!
    you are so lucky to be there Andres!

  8. omggg fashion overload, i love all those pretty hats!! Jose del Canon is the sicckkkkessssst, i love it!

  9. Wowww, me ha encantado tu entrada. Veo en todas las propuestas algo interesante y como a ti, Edda Gonzalez me parece ideal: telas, colores, patronaje bien definido.. Enhorabuena por la moda de tu país¡¡¡

  10. wooow those collections are so different from each other.. so amazing!

  11. Unas fotos icnreibles de las distintas colecciones... Mola^^ besos, paste por mi blog, soy escritora, y me dices que te parece:

  12. La colección de Josse Karlo OMG!!! quedé totalmente maravillada, además me encantó la de Edda y la de Ángel Sánchez a quien personalmente me hubiese encantado conocer.

  13. nice pictures, every collection is different and unique in their own ways!

  14. Pero qué post más completo!!!cuánta información!Como siempre,es un gustazo venir a ver todo lo que nos cuentas para no perdernos detalle del talento que hay "al otro lado del charco"!!
    Un besazo

  15. Awesome post! So much beauty and stunning style)Your blog is the best.

  16. Me encanta!!!

    Qe suerte poder asistir ;)

    Wherever the Sunset is

  17. love all the bold prints and colours and the tailored jacket i saw in Josse Karlo De Janon's collection!!!!
    def reminds of some place exotic like panama!


  18. hand clapping!! the 1st collection is my ave. it has tribal elements:


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