Fashion Week Panama - Day 2 - Block B

Hello everyone! So we are still going through the runways of Fashion Week Panama..this time we stop at Day 2 - Block B...perhaps one of the best of the three days..I loved every single collection in it (ok, except one which btw is not featured in this post but not because I didn´t wanted to but because my camera died on me during that runway...actually the last collection I couldn´t photograph either so when choosing which one I was going to ask someone the pictures from I decided the last one since I totally loved it).  Hope you like them and please tell me which one did you liked! To see Block A please CLICK HERE

Alessandra Grau
A very well known designer Alessandra Grau presented a beautiful collection inspired in the modern and classic woman. Which we can see in impeccably constructed dresses in very clean shapes but still with that youthful and appealing vibe to them. To be noted the dresses with the opening in the back and front and the acid green cocktail dress..amazing how can something with such a minimal construction can be so visually striking...fabulous color!

Greta Bayo
I think there´s not much to say about Mrs. Bayo´s collection, we already got a preview in the Ciao Edie! editorial I posted it a few weeks ago. We now got to see the rest of this fabulous collection inspired in timeless icon Edie Sedgwick, with a full on retro vibe and sparkly pieces this runway hitted all the right spots earning a very deserved applause from all the FWP audience. To be noted the black fringed dress, retro got down tonight baby!

MCMA (guest-Colombia)
This was the first time we all (or at least I) got to see the designs from Maria Carolina Mejia and we weren´t left dissapointed! I dare to say this was perhaps the most youthful, fun and flirtatious collection, I can totally pictured young women just rocking this pieces everywhere. To be noted..the Bags! I can even begin to tell you how obsessed I became with the little Rocco-esque little acid handbags.

Fedora & Gaea
As I tell you I don´t consider myself a "I know everything" fashion admirer...again this proved me right and I was pleased. This was the first time ever I heard of Fedora & Gaea but it sure won´t be the last! Is it me, or are you also encouraged to live near the beach when seeing this collection? If I was a woman, I would totally have a beach house just so I can wear all of this pieces...and I´m not even a beach person haha. The cut outs were great, the hats so elegant and the whole vibe very tropical. To be noted that multicolored weavedlike gown...just made my day!

Carlos Then (guest-Dominican Republic)
First I want to thank the folks over at ArtSpaces for sending me this rock guys! So to close Block B and Day 2 we had the pleasure of experiencing the collection of Carlos Then, parading through the enchanting theme of Alice in Wonderland the full black pieces won everybody´s heart. Gorgeous long gowns, sheer and lace spoke of a Dark Romance, of a nocturnal and mysterious world were women were like godesses dressed in black haunting gowns becoming a dark vision for our incredulous eyes. To be noted...the entire collection!


  1. La colección de Greta y la de Carlos fueron mis favoritas de este bloque!

  2. Fabulous collections! My favourite one is A. Grau's. Love the neon yellow used in some og the clothes. :)SarahD x

  3. Ahh gorgeous! I can see why you must have enjoyed this night- the collections were so diverse! But one thing I noticed that i really enjoyed looking at was that all the pieces combined this sort of form-fitting design that clung in all the right places with a bit of romantic flowy-ness. The result is really glam. I'm sorry about your camera- that is annoying.. xxx

  4. AWESOME!!! =D


  5. All lovely collections.. Classy with a modern edge..

    All the best, Angel

  6. Me ha encantado Greta Bayo!! puro arte!!

    un beso!

    Adrien Loren

  7. ohh some beautiful dresses.. super fun:)

  8. OMG Andy those are gorgeous pics, and amazing collections!!!!! Lucky u for seeing all alive!;) I'm totally smitten here with Carlos' and Fedora & Gaea's collections, but totally, fabulous ones!!:)) Have a wonderful weekend!! Kisses!

  9. I liked Alessandra Grau's collection.I would probably wear that :)

  10. No los conocia,que arte !! graNdes diseñador@s,que bonitas sus colecciones .

    Saludos Andy

  11. Last collection is just woooow! Gotta have it!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  12. awesome photos, i liked the neon trousers

  13. Carlos la botoo con su sheer skirts.. me encantoooo ,... amazing post Andy


    My Stylish Little Secret

  14. Alex Grau is one of my fave - I thought the neon green pieces in the collection were my favourite until I saw the electric orange ones!


    The Colombian guest designer is fabulous as well! My goodness... Jose will be so proud!

    You are so so lucky Andy!


    Bonjour, come say hello!
    Twenty York Street

    Twenty York Street

  15. looks great

  16. que ganas de que llegue la fashion week en Madrid!


  17. Que buenas fotos!! Los diseños de Alessandra me han gustado mucho, en especial los fosforescentes!!
    saludos y lindo comienzo de semana, muakkkks!


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