Fashion Week Panama - Day 1- Block A

Hello everyone!! So the Fashion Week Panama started yesterday to a very high note, lots of great designs and a stylish atmosphere crowned the first night...just in case you didn´t know the runway shows are divided in two blocks (one starting in the afternoon, the other at night) this is Block A and I will be posting Block B (along with the snapshots and my outfit) in the next post. I am writing it all in english because I have to be early over there and time is quite tight so I thought it was best to write it in a language most of you do understand.

So lets begin with the Block A runway shows!

Fabiola Bracho (Jewelry)
Gorgeous jewelry, designer Fabiola Bracho is very known for her impeccable work in accesories and her sublime use of semi precious stones and beautifully worked designs.

Anabel Quintero
This designer has gained lot of attention for she has made dresses for the Miss Panama contest which were considered some of the most beautiful dresses in the competition. This new collection I got a powerful spanish vibe which can be evidently seen in the last bridal gown, te be aknowledge a simply masterful work with lace.

Michelle Nassar
This was perhaps one of the most beautiful collections of Block A (at least from my point of view) a beautiful use of prints in dresses made of silk and sateen revealed an tropical sealike inspired be seen the coral inspired white necklace a statement piece on its own.

Laura Zerbinatti
Demure is the first word that pops into my head, gorgeous cocktail dresses and stunningly worked evening gowns. One in particular, the long black & yellow flowered gown, got not only mine but everyone´s attention.

Johanna Ortiz (guest - Colombia)
Some say the best is always left for the end..well Block A runway show ended big with perhaps mine, and a lot of people, favourite collection by Johanna Ortiz. The fluid gowns, the color spectrum shift the collection had in its run, the elegance, draping, pleating and beautiful asymetrical cuts made this collection done to be remembered.


  1. all these collections are gorgeous, i like the second two the best!

  2. wow great photos, all the designs looks so fabulous! My favorite is Michelle Nassar, i really love the prints used in her collection. I would definitely wear it! I love the "peace" necklace from Fabiola Bracho, the mood is earthy and organic! I love that! Can't wait for Block B!!! I wanna see your outfit lol

  3. wowzah!! loving those purple and red dresses!

  4. Second collection is just woooow!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  5. un buen breef!!

  6. ains, qué ganas tengo de que llegue septiembre para que sea la pasarela cibeles en madrid!! :D buen post!! me das envidia!!


  7. Me encanta el blog y las fotos preciosas te sigo ya pasate por mi blog un beso guapa!

  8. That jewelry had me gawking at it for a full 5 minutes! I love the ethnic vibe- it's different, it's statement, and I never get bored of it!

    You love HP too!! We are fellow Hogwarts students, yes? Oh my gosh, the premiere must be soooo incredibly exciting!!! That was so lucky that you got your hands on tickets!! I'm having a moment of hyperventilation because I think I may have actually found a theater that is showing it in English here! But it's only going to be for a week, so I have to hurry up!! Ahhh so excited!!!! xx

  9. Me encantan los estampados tipo palmera y que se sentasen en el primer desfile para poder visualizarlo y fotografiarlo todo mejor!

    genial genial!

    Un beso Chipless by Dave
    Siento mi ausencia estos dias por la Barcelona Fashion Week

  10. I love the second collection :)

    My blog
    xoxo Michaela

  11. Me encantan las fashion week! es como nuestra semana santa! jaja!

    muy chulo tu blog!

    un abrazo!

    Adrien Loren

  12. muchas gracias! esa la compramos en london porque nos enamoro totalmente


  13. Pero cuanto cuanto talento hay en Panama! Me he quedado atonito. Hay vestidos realmente preciosos! Disfruta muchisimo de esta semana de la moda! Un abrazo!


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