Chajin Designs Lauching Part 2

Designer Annie Chajin
Hola mis queridos bloggers! Disculpen mi ausencia del blog, y de los suyos de paso, pues con el Fashion Week Panama a tan solo días de comenzar he estado haciendo los preparativos hay ciertas cosas que no se si se podrán hacer y la verdad pues que ha sido algo estresante jeje pero bueno una vez llegado el día nada me lo arruinara! El jueves pasado fue la segunda parte del lanzamiento de Chajin Designs, esta vez enfocándose mas en los tan gustados accesorios y presentándonos algunas prendas nuevas, el evento se realizo en el restaurante Le Raffine un sitio muy chic en el cual todos los invitados pasamos una velada encantadora llena de color y en excelente compañía.
Hi my very dear bloggers! I apologize for my absence from the blog and from yours too, but with the Fashion Week Panama at only days to begin I´ve been doing a lot of things to be ready...some of them are looking like they may not happen and it has been stressful haha but it is ok once the day arrives nothing will ruin it for me! So, last thursday was the second part of the launching of Chajin Designs, this time focusin more on accesories and also presenting some new garments, the fabulous event was held in chic restaurant Le Raffine in which all the guests had a lovely evening full of color and great company.

Entre los nuevos diseños que pudimos ver se destacaron hermosos vestidos de cocktail, pantalones y un espectacular vestido noche que es solo una probadita de todo lo que presentara durante su participación en el Fashion Week Panama.
Among the new designs we could see were cocktail dresses, fabulous pants and a espectacular evening gown that its only a teaser of everything she will be presenting during her runway show at Fashion Week Panama.

Details, Outfits and Snapshots

Stylish People!
 Blogger Olguita Reyna
 Acclaimed fashionista Jennifer Choy
 Blogger Michael Prince Bent (yup he is a regular in my stylish people and also one of my most dearest friends)
 Designer Sasha Antifashion Segundo
 Blogger Gina Prestan
Stylist James Abrego

Lamento, otravez, no tener un outfit post pero es que la verdad se me olvida jaja..sin embargo prometo que lo compensare durante el Fashion Week Panama (que de ahora en adelante conoceremos como FWP) en donde me asegurare de sacar excelentes fotos de todos mis outfit...Por el momento los dejo con esta foto grupal que nos tomaron donde podrán ver un poco de mi atuendo (no es realmente mi mejor angulo pero bueno ni modo jaja) Besos, Andy!
Red Carpet (tv fashion show) Presenter Pauline Moreno, Christopher Varela (son of designer Nixia Varela), Model Xio Garcia, Michael Prince Bent & Me.
Im sorry, once more, for my lack of outfit post but I really forget about it..but I promise it will all be compensated during Fashion Week Panama (that as of now we are gonna call FWP) i´ll make sure to take great shots of my outfits...For the moment I leave you with this group picture in which you can see a little bit of my outfit (its clearly not my best angle but oh well its ok haha) xx Andy!


  1. Wooooow love all those crazy colors and outfits!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  2. I have to say my favourite is the picture of the cocktail dress. Each on toe the ladies had such different pieces on!
    thank you for the blogger award! I will be sure to pass the love along! and If you don't min I will be copying your image to place on the blog too!

  3. You know me and my obsession with colors!! Love the jewelry pieces and their pop of color!!

    Happy Monday Love!

  4. me ha encantado ver tanto y color y tan buenas propuestas :D genial post de verdad!!! :D


  5. uyy que lastima que no fui.... se veia todo super cool!!!

  6. que chevere me gusta¡¡


    My Stylish Little Secret

  7. Wow it sounds like you have been crazy busy! Don't apologize at all for your absence. Work (and fashion) always should come first! ;)

    The event looks terrific. The style everyone has takes my breath away.

    I especially love your outfit, as seen in the last photo. The black and white stripes go so elegantly with the gray cardigan. Well done! xoxo

  8. colors colors colors!! we all need colors!! fantastic pictures xxx

  9. Those accessories look amazing. I want some!! :)SArahD x

  10. lo tuyo es un no parar! eso siempre es bueno! :D


  11. So obsessed with all the crazy colors and patterns..

    All the best, Angel

  12. full of colors! I love it!
    xx Ilka

  13. Los Boy Bloggers son super estilosos!!que bien!!

    A ti te perdonamos porque estas de evento tras evento y eso a mi particularmente me encanta! :D

    Un beso Chipless by Dave
    Esta semana, cronica diaria de Barcelona Fashion Week.

  14. Yeah!!! The excitement is already at its fever pitch high, I can feel it all the way here in Canada!

    You are going to have a blast Andy! I love the print cocktail dresses and oh that dress, it reminds me JLO's famous Versace dress, doesn't it?

    Bonjour, come say hello!
    Twenty York Street

    Twenty York Street

  15. Pero que colores mas bonitos, de esos que te alegran la vista :D
    Un post increible
    Un beso de una seguidora mas.

  16. I love the vibrancy of the collection! the bag with flowers on it looks amazing:)

  17. the cocktail dresses were fantastic, i likethe African prints. its always the highlight of my summer, getting tailor made dresses.

    fashion week looks alot of work. What exactly do you do? it seems all very exciting.

    ooo and gave you a Best Blog Award on my current post. :-)
    ZyVu xx

  18. Such a colourful event with such beautiful people!

    Love love love.

    Lots of love from Sydney,


  19. En general... cuánto colorido!! Así da gusto!

  20. Great pics Andy, apologize for your absence is accepted!:)) This satin gown is so gorgeous, don't u think?:) I'm really glad for u being a part of FWP!:))

  21. Hi Andres,

    How exciting,it's sounds like you're having an amazing time.
    I am loving those colourful dresses with tribalistic prints, they are gorgeous, I want one!

    Thank you so much for all your messages, I love reading your comments evrytime.


  22. Great photos, beautiful people!))

  23. Las pulseras de la primera foto me mataron!! eye candy


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