Stylish Blogger Award!!

Así que hoy me desperté..creyendo que me había despertado temprano pero resulta que a mi reloj se le acabaron las baterías jaja...y me encontré con este maravilloso premio que mi queridisima y fabulosa Jennifer del blog I know, right? me ha otorgado! Quiero darle las gracias por este premio y por favor no duden en visitar su blog que siempre esta lleno de temas interesantes. Y bueno el premio requiere que diga 7 cosas sobre mi que no saben y son las siguientes:
1. Tengo un gran problema para que me gusten canciones cantadas por hombres ya que por algún motivo las voces masculinas no me agradan mucho.
2. Estoy obsesionado con el helado de Maracuya
3. Aunque esto me averguenze lo diré..nunca he visto Breakfast at Tiffany´s
4. Mi mejor amigo es exactamente lo opuesto a mi, en todo, y aun no entiendo como es que nos llevamos bien jajaj
5. Me encanta escribir artículos de moda aunque lastimosamente ninguna revista ha querido contratarme, que puedo decir es un mercado difícil.
6. A mi Mama no le gusta que use bolsas de hombre ya que piensa que no es algo masculino jeje
7. He estado soltero por siete años y medio...y ya me canse!

So today I woke up...believing I did it early and then I realized my clock batteries ran out haha...and I found I´ve been awarded by the lovely and fabulous Jennifer from the blog I know, right?. I want to give her a big thank you and to you all please go check her blog there´s always some interesting theme in every post. The award requieres for me to write 7 things about myself you didn´t know and are the following:
1. I have a huge problem liking songs sung by men for some reason I find it difficult to like male voices.
2. I´m obsessed with Passion Fruit Ice Cream
3. Though this is very shameful I´ll say it...I´ve never watched Breakfast at Tiffany´s
4. My best friend is the exact opposite of me, like in everything, and I can´t still figure out how is that we get along so well
5. I love writing fashion articles, sadly no magazine I´ve applied to wanted to hire me, what can I say is a tough media.
6. My Mom hates that I use men bags cause she says its not masculine hehe
7. I´ve being single for seven and a half years...and I´m done with it!

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  1. Hey Andy!Congrats!you deserves this award! keep it up!
    xx Ilka

  2. Oh so sweet!! Congrats for d award n thank u so muchas for the award!! I really really appreciate it!

    Love frm germany

  3. Congratulations Andy!! You so deserve this! And of course, I love reading the fun facts. Don't worry, I've actually never watched Breakfast at Tiffany's either!! >.<

    And you crack me up about waking up early and your alarm clock- LoLoL- that was classic! xx

  4. Many thanks Andy! And congrats to you as well! I also cary a man bag!

  5. Congratulations darling on the award!! So nice to know a few things about you :) I hope you get a job in fashion journalism soon because your articles are always amazing - whoever does not give you a job is crazy, and of course I hope you find love soon - but on the other hand a flirty summer is also nice isn't it? :p
    Have a great Sunday!


  6. Felicidades por tu premio...y te los mereces esos y más.


  7. Congrats!
    And I really enjoyed getting to know you more=) hopefully one day people from fashion magazines will realise you are the one they can't exist without=) xx

  8. Sweetie, you so deserve that award!!

    Happy Weekend Love! xo

  9. Congratulations. Keep up the good work.

  10. Congrats for the award. It is nice to knw a little part of you:)

  11. happy you got that award !

    have you seen my latest post ?

  12. Muchas felicidades por tu premio, mil besitos! :)

  13. I'm so happy you liked the award! You totally deserve it. You are one of my favorite bloggers. :)

    You need to see Breakfast at Tiffany's!! LOL! Even if just to watch Audrey be fabulous and lovely. Sigh.

    And I think opposites attract, so I'm not surprised your bff is so different from you. I mean, how boring would it be if you two were completely similar?!

    And I'm shocked you're single. A stylish, handsome young guy like you should be taken off the market by now! I agree, that needs to change! ;) xoxo

  14. uoh! Gracias por la recomendación del blog, me pasaré.... saludos y linda semana para tí tambien. :)


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