The Label Spot: "Tis the season to be sportier" at Bagosiete boutique...

 Hola a todos! Como va esa mitad de semana? Yo como siempre entre mis preparaciones, examenes y demás en las clases de canto y otras cosillas que estoy preparando busco posts nuevos para el blog y en esta ocasión tuve la genial oportunidad de ir a la boutique de Bagosiete. En Bagosiete se especializan en ropa deportiva aunque también tienen algunas piezas mas casuales pero definitivamente lo urbano y deportivo se encuentra a la orden del día (genial para las fechas de verano con todo el calor que hace y los outfits mas relajados); la marca Puma predomina alrededor de la tienda (Puma es de hecho bastante popular por acá) sin embargo también podemos encontrar samples de American Eagle, Aéropostale, Abercrombie & Fitch, Ed Hardy, Hollister, Mundo Único, Luca Hiza y Anthony Morato.
Hey everyone! How is that half week going on for you? Me as always between my preparations, exams and everything else in singing clases and other stuff I´m working on, try to find new posts for the blog and in this occasion I had the great opportunity to visit Bagosiete boutique. This store specializes in sportswear though they also have more casual pieces their strong point is sportswear and urban clothing (which is great for summer season with all the hot days and relaxed outfits); the brand Puma had a lot of spotlight in the store (its really popular over here) but they also have great sample items from American Eagle, Aéropostale, Abercrombie & Fitch, Ed Hardy, Hollister, Mundo Unico, Luca Hiza and Anthony Morato.



 Yeah I know Ed Hardy is not really loved by many...But I actually thought this bag was pretty decent!

 What I really like about this store is that if you search carefully you will find amazing "one piece only" designer items like this beautiful Christian Audigier bag or the D&G long sleeved Vnecked Tee...And in a very lucky day you´ll be able to find pieces from Custo Barcelona and even Louis Vuitton!

 I was really wanting to do a note on sportswear..but I promise I´ll be back soon with really amazing fashion (talking dresses, luxury brands, etc) Now...haha lets see if you can guess..Why?...well I was very fortunate the store was on sale and you know I love love love two thing shoes and bags and these last ones were amazing..and I actually bought one of the bags in the couch...can you guess which one? The first one to guess which bag I bought will get a feature in the blog! Its like a mini giveaway!
Btw I am loving this couch...Vintage and Striking Color...WIN!


  1. Actually looks cool! I like those purple pants at $40% off

  2. Adoro la marca Puma para sport!

    Es genial!

    Espero que te hicieses con algun Cheap& chic!



  3. great post andy:)

  4. Me han llamado la atención los pantalones lilas, imagino que serán slim.

    En cuanto a la bolsa que te has comprado mmm está dificil, yo compraría las 2 de Puma! quizá tú compraste la 1ª


  5. no conocía la tienda, se ve muy bien!! voy a ir! mmmmm yo digo que te compraste la segunda de derecha a izquierda. Veremos!!!!

  6. Hola Andy :D
    Me gustaron mucho las piezas, en especial las chaquetas plateadas :B
    Y hmmm pues no sé, yo digo que te compraste la cuarta de izquierda a derecha. Creo que es la que más me gustó.


  7. Jaja, igual que a Mau la chaqueta plateada me llamó mucho la atención, creo que llegué a amarla.

    Un abrazo!

  8. Lo sport es bastante cómodo, aunque no suelo llevarlo más que por casa!!!
    Es una cadena la tienda de bagosiete?? No la había oido nunca!!

    Un ebso y gracias por pasarte ;)

    Wherever the Sunset is

  9. I'm loving the look of those trainers and bags! Love sports wear. :)SarahD

  10. I'll have to check it out! Cool!

  11. i love going to shops with mostly casual stuffs, if you're lucky you'll come across a piece that's versatile at its most!

  12. puma and hollister are my favorites, too. glad that there's that kind of store near you.
    hope every thing's well for you, andie.

    p.s. yes, jamie is really a great actor. he's naturally talented =)

  13. hola!
    Q genial, es ideal descubrir sitios nuevos!!! a mi en dnd vivo me cuesta mucho encontrar abercrombie por ejemplo! un besito

  14. I used to wear a lot of Abercrombie, their clothes are fitting and some are really nice, I still wear their tanks now :)

  15. those purple trousers are killer! - need to find a pair for myself! :)


  16. Hola Andresito!!! Cómo vas? Che, qué flash lo de las clases de canto! A ver cuánto subís un video de Andy fashion singer! Copadas las fotos de este local! Un besote y que pases un excelente findex! :)

  17. My contest is open to people around the world so you have the chance too.


  18. You had me at Abercrombit&Fitch lol, luck you we don't really have stores like that.
    I feel the same atm with exam preparations!

  19. Hola!!!
    no la conocia, pero me ha gustado mucho...
    gracias por la información y compartirla.
    te sigo!
    besos y feliz domingo!

    Loca por lo tacones

  20. That store looks like it's full of great stuff! I love those Puma bags- they're a real classic, and even though they're sportier, I think they look so chic to carry around in the summer. Good luck with your exams!! xx


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