A night of Glamour and Elegance...Nicolas Felizola´s Fashion Event

 Yesterday I had the chance to be at the Nicolas Felizola fashion event held in the Riu Hotel, which is an incredible and fabulous new hotel that opened not very long ago. The evening started with a cocktail party in which tables were beautifully adorned packed with delicious little entrées in a chic and very elegant ambience; if I were to describe Nicolas Felizola´s style two words will jump right in Chic & Glam, his designs are always done with amazing elegance and are absolutely glamorous, the dresses ranged from flowy and romantic to dazzling and sparkling evening gowns, bridal gowns with details to die for, chic and playful cocktail dresses and also tailored and pristine suits for men.


There were two fashion shows, this is the first one which consisted mostly of cocktail dresses and desgins modeled by close friends and costumers of Nicolas Felizola, this first part ended with a stunning red gown wore by Mrs. Lorena Castillo, wife of Panama´s Vice-President.

Nicolas Felizola is a very talented man who has not only gained a name in the Fashion industry but has also made his way into other artistic branches such as Photography (he is also a Lawyer, Painter and Singer) he has done amazing portraits over the past 25 years that were displayed all along the corridors of the venue.

This is the second part of the Fashion Show in which he presented his latest collection titled Orinokia, this instalment was composed of pure and gorgeous Haute Couture dresses in which the details took the center stage. Dresses made with flawless construction that showed the designer´s renowned international talent and the elegant approach that define his designs. Now this is not the real beggining of the second part of the show this is because I actually recorded the first five minutes (that is also why you may notice the men collection is missing from the pictures) but the video is a little bit heavy and is taking a long time to upload so I decided to post it on my next entry along with my outfit pictures.

The Haute Couture collection closed with Mexican actress, designer, model, singer and presenter Patricia Manterola who struted down the runway wearing a gold sequined dress with feathers on the bottom half that earned cheers from the guests. Its also very important to mention Daniella Kronfle who created the beautiful jewelry the models wore also Emilio Uribe and David´s Salon for the gorgeous hair and make up.

This is the first time I saw Nicolas Felizola´s designs which is pretty ironic because he has a boutique in a very centric place in my country but being the clueless fashionista that I am (yeah I know shame on me) I´ve never seen it and I bet you I have just struted in front of it many times (again shame on me). Nevertheless I must admit I was really happy and blown away by his amazing talent and vision which is also recognized by many stars and personalities such as Patricia Manterola, Luis Fonsi, Jaqueline Bracamontes, Laura Pausini and even President Barack Obama. A jack of all trades his versatility and ability has made him earned the admiration of many; a man that in spite all of his sucess has never settled down in his undying quest for excellence stating "I haven´t made my best design yet, nor taken my best picture".
Last but definetely not least, is of vital importance to mention that this whole event was meant to support and raise fund for Fundación San Felipe (San Felipe Foundation) which is an organization destined to help, educate and get of the streets children from the area of San Felipe (a poor and dangerous zone in Panama) thanks to programs that focus on teaching them several arts for them to develop and keep away from entering gangs, robbing and other dangerous and illegal issues. Expect the second part of this post soon. xx Andy


  1. Tú no paras, eh? De evento en evento. Cuántos vestidos bonitos juntos!!

  2. ohhh como te envidio!!!! me pareció fabulosos, lastima que no pude ir, pero gracias por tomas las fotos para que las pudeiramos ver jajaja. La primera colección me gustó más, es más mi estilo, pero en la segunda los vestidos estaban bechos tambien, súper glamourosos. Kisses!

  3. He visto tu imagen con tu Hermes en Facebook!

    Felicidades por poder asistir a este evento!

    Besos Chipless by Dave

  4. Andy I love the Haute Couture collections. It is nice to see some haute couture that you can envisage on real people instead of some of the crazy creations that feature in other shows.

  5. Andres!! Your comment made me smile sooo much!! Thank you!! ^-^ And I'm so glad you liked it, too!

    Oh wow- that tiered wedding gown is an absolute dream- it's like a vintage fairy tale gown. All of these designs are just so beautiful and feminine. xxxx

  6. i JUST ate 3 oreos just then... oh my god i'm addicted

  7. Andres! I loved your comment about the puzzle... You are so sweet! Wiah you a lovely weekend!!


  8. que genial evento!

    me encnata!

    ya veo que lo apsaste en grande!

    un besito*

  9. ¡Guau! qué genial y completo este post:)


  10. Hay algunos vestidos realmente preciosos!! =) como el primero rojo, uno largo en nude y otro con encaje en negro..
    Un besoo

  11. fabulous designs!! - missing the thrill of fashion shows!

    p.s. thanks for the lovely comment! - it is good to be back! :)



  12. Heyyyy, we've got an translator now :) I don't know if it works good, but I hope it'll help you to understand what we're writing about =)

  13. thanks for your sweet comment on the marketing for my shop --- www.shopyapi.com.. really appreciate it. <3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  14. me encanto el vestido negro con encaje!!


  15. Vaya noche¡¡¡
    Qué no paren los eventos como ese¡¡
    Enhorabuena, muy buena crónica, Andy¡¡¡


  16. fascinating pics,as i scrolled down more i was more attracted to the looks!!beautiful dresses-so elegant,sexy,adorable colors...lucky u Andres,envyyyy!:))))


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