Burberry Spring/Summer 2011 Ad Campaign by Mario Testino

Hello Hello!!...So ok this what it is..tomorrow begin the carnivals of my country..now I know in other places carnivals are a great ocassion for people to dress up and watch parades and all that...here not so much people basically go away to the country to get drunk and party non stop for four days and then they come back almost broke..and probably not remembering anything they did haha..I am not really into that but I have other plans which means I´d be away this next four days too (I promise I´´ll try to make an outfit post in these day haha I must) so for the meantime I wanted to leave you with a really cool Ad Campaign for Burberry Spring/Summer 2011...we all (or most of us) love Burberry and I thought this pictures were great...as an interesting fact I´ve actually never liked Burberry´s bags...I don´t know I´ve always thought they look wierd..but this new bag with crazy prints..oh yeah! I am feeling them!...The Ad Campaign was shot by Mario Testino (we love him) and features models Tara Ferry and Tail Lennox (daughter of Annie Lenox). Enjoy and see you next Wednesday...have a wonderful weekend! xx Andy

More photos on the "mas informacion" link below

This are the bags I´m going crazy for aren´t they cool??


  1. i've been loving burberry's edgier styles!


  2. it is also carnival in some regions in Germany right now!! till this tuesday ;))


  3. Me encanta la primera chaqueta y la gabardina con puñadura de piel!

    Un beso Chipless by Dave

  4. Contrasting animal prints. Love it. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too, soon.


  5. I quite like this campaign! Definitely a bit more edgy with the studs, leather and skins <3

    http://opinionslave.blogspot.com x

  6. love this campaign! :)


  7. burberry shall live on. studded jacket always get to me. :D

  8. Gorgeous campaign! Have fun with your plans, sweetie. I hope it's a blast! xo

  9. Las fotos son muy buenas, pero la ropa hace todo, es preciosa :)
    ¡Saludos, Andy! Espero que estés bien, me gustó el outfit del post pasado :)


  10. love this! The coats look great! I wish I could afford one.

  11. Uuuumm, qué bolsos y qué cazadoras¡¡¡
    Son de locura¡¡¡
    Que lo pases muy bien en tus días de Carnaval y no olvides compartirlo jiji

  12. Parece que la colección estará chula :D Un besito

  13. Im still damn addicted to the leather studded jacket!

  14. Ahhh I'm missing Carnival :((( Here in NYC, they don't really celebrate it much.. :( I miss the special sweets most of all.

    Ahh I'm sorry to hear that you can't see the images! I figured it was happening on Internet Explorer because I checked on my Internet Explorer, and the same thing happened. I wrote to the Google people for help, now I just have to wait for them to get back to me :/ But in the meantime, if you would like, I can give you my Tumblr link bc I post my outfits there, too. This way, at least, you can see what my outfit looks like :D http://emoltofashion.tumblr.com/

    Ugh. So annoying that this happened :/ Anyway, Happy Carnival!! :D xxx

  15. amazing campaign,amazing bags and i adore how Burberry has used the animal print with its own recognizable pattern!!!:)

  16. oh I love Burberry, over the last few years they really started to get away from the classic plaid look and with a few more rock pieces, love :)

  17. Hola querido Andrés..
    anda que no me hizo ilusión tu comentario jajjaa
    me alegro que te gustara...

    esa casi no la pongo...genial tus fotos..
    mil besos!!!!!


  18. Desde luego que no sé que hacer contigo ! ejejejej :)
    Siempre taaaaan amable y agradable conmigo y mi blog :)

    Mil graciiiias :)

    Un beso desde

  19. Cool blog and nice post!
    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much!

  20. Fantástica la colección y el fotógrafo!!
    Eres un sol:gracias por estar ahí y comentarme!

  21. burberry is getting so much edgier :) love the jackets so much!


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