The Right Fit...A Jeans Tale...

Hello everyone! Hope you´re all having a nice this is a scheduled post...sorry for being MIA since thursday hehe lots of things to do! So in one of my lasts posts I was asked about fashion tips for men...and since this year I decided to make the blog "man-friendly" haha I searched for it and found interesting info...well at least for me xD....Jeans...yeah most of us know about them...most of us certainly wear them...and most of us have experiencied the thrill of trying to find the perfect and suitable pair of jeans (note the sarcasm).

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First is better to start with some basic rules and tips:
1. Jeans should be tight in the waist..though not that much that you go all airless...but it needs to sit perfectly there
2. If you need a belt to hold your jeans in their place...they are the wrong size! Belts should be only a decorative accesory
3. We Love The Tailor!...make him your best friend, specially if you are in that size range that they fit nor loose nor tight...remember to find a tailor with experience in denim treatment, once you do it can work miracles!
4. When it comes to the wash the younger you are gives you the chance to get away with almost anything, of course as time goes by one must be a little bit more selective on the kind of wash their jeans have..It also depends on the scenario you are wearing them and most guys tend to go all berserk trying to figure out what colour they should wear....So, if you are a simpler guy or you just need to put on a fast combination remember Black, Indigo (dark blue) and Mid Blue are the basics that never fail, they go with practically any shoe and clothes color and are suitable for relaxed hanging outs or casual ones
5. This one is on me!...I´m glad you have the means to wear a D&G trouser...I just don´t need to know!..You go figure that out...

Moving on...we now reach another crucial point in the jeans experience...Cut and Your Shape! Hope this tips work for you...and in some cases opens your eyes!

The Skinny Boy ...or "Sometimes I buy my clothes in the kids department"
As the title suggests Skinny/Slim Jeans are your friends...Straigh leg jeans might also work for you just watch out the wide in the bottom or it may throw your body out of proportion.

The "All Fits Me" Guy
Men with waists around the 32 - 34 inch mark are the lucky ones, meaning, you can get away with almost, if not all, types of jeans...again you just need to watch out in the proportions, if you have a bigger torso don´t go to slim on them...if you have a smaller torso don´t go wide on them.

"Cause the good things come in small packages" Guy
If you have short legs..avoid any form of drop crotch cause it will take valuable inches from your legs...the slimmer the leg of the jeans the longer your legs would appear...for better results try matching colors (black jeans and black shoes).

Mr. Steel Thighs
Some guys love the slim look but their thighs are so big they would not enter the every tiny cut of the skinny jeans for you there´s hope! Tapered Jeans!...They are straight leg/loose fit so it gives you space on your thighs but get slimmer down the leg...very much like the Carrot Fit jeans that would also work you.

The Man Got Curves!
If you happen to be a guy with wider hips...repeat after me please...NO SKINNY JEANS! And I know a lot of guys who go all deaf on this one....For you my fellow curvy men straight leg jeans in a dark color can make wonders! Oh, and we also pull of the relaxed/loose fit fiercely! Also remember to stay away from Tapered and Carrot Fit Jeans as they will accentuate the wide on your hips.

Carrot/Drop Crotch


Classic Straight Leg

Loose/Relaxed Fit



  1. Great post, just as I am wearing a new pair of Nude Denim jeans today! Another tip, do not wash your jeans until after many wears! That way they will fit uou perfectly.

  2. Super, something for men thanks!

  3. Loving the post.

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  4. Its a good post. I dont wear jeans.. I have like one pair of jeans. But if someone does wear them it has to fit perfect.

  5. well said :) everybody should own a jeans, but it's so right that not every jeans is good for every person... :)


  6. I love the loose/relaxed fit! Hope you had a fantastic weekend??:)SArahD

  7. Finally, a site that really gives good jeans advice.

  8. I am very picky on the jeans i wear but i love a nice pair. Good post.

  9. Buena entrada! El muy útil.
    En mi proximo post tambien le doy protagonismo al te lo pierdas!!


  10. es el mejor básico que existe!! :-)

  11. Me encatan los Skinny...

    quiero unos!!!!

    Un beso Chipless by Dave

  12. definitely love the skinnies the best. hope you're having a fabulous time away!

    F. ( x

  13. Que seria de nosotros sin el vaquero ! Nos saca siempre de todos nuestro apuros :)

  14. uhhhh Andy ne fascinó tu post. Amo los jeans es una de mis piezas favoritas. Y estoy totalmente de acuerdo en que escribas post con tips para los hombres. Conozco a muchos a los que les van a servir esos tips. Saludillos.

  15. Te sigo :)


  16. Hola guapo...como vas ?? que tal las fiestas..yo un poco perdida y acostumbrandome de nuevo a las rutinas...jajaja

    besos lindo!!!


  17. Muy bueno el post, le diré a mi chico que lo lea :D

  18. "The Skinny Boy ...or "Sometimes I buy my clothes in the kids department"
    Creo que ese soy yo :S jajaj. ¡Andy! Genial post :B Espero que estés de lo mejor, éxito en todo.


  19. I agree about the tailor part :)


    My Stylish Little Secret

  20. EVERY but EVERY man should read your post!!!we would have less fashion mistakes then!:DDD great post,i really like the way u write!;)
    kisses,have a great day!!!

  21. hahaha I thought about making my blog man friendly for a while but only relize that there's prob 4 guys who read my blog...

  22. Geniales consejos... y es que llevar un jean no es tan fácil como parece! Yo me pruebo medio Valencia antes de llevarme unos... Un beso!

  23. loose fit for the win!

    also following you now :)
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