....random pics...random gifts...ain´t sudden randomness cool?!?!

Hola a todos...el asunto es el siguiente, el post que quiero hacer y el weekly outfit no los podre poner sino hasta el domingo pues la cámara que he estado utilizando estos días es de mi mejor amiga (hoy mas que nunca quisiera tener la mía) y el pequeño problema es que necesita un conector especial para la pc que yo no tengo y ella esta ocupadisima y no le he podido entregar la cámara...cosa que igual no iba a hacer pues la necesito ya que iré a un fashion show este viernes...pero no me gusta estar tanto tiempo sin postear...sin embargo hoy me sucedió algo interesante, unos amigos de mi mama me mandaron un regalo, así de la nada, y me pareció lo mas genial y totalmente random del mundo y pensé porque simplemente no hacer un post de...cosas jaja pues es divertido compartir pequeños momentos de mi vida y de espontaneidad con ustedes...así que este post es de cosas...espero les gusten las fotitos jeje.
Hey everyone...the issue is the next, the post I want to make and the weekly outfit I won´t be able to post them until sunday cause the camera I am using is from my best friend (I wish I had my own camera more thatn ever now) the little problem is that it need a special adapter for the pc which I don´t have and she is really busy and I havn´t been able to return her the camera...which I wasn´t gonna do either cause I am going to a fashion show this friday and I need it haha....but I don´t like being that much time without posting...nevertheless today something interesting happened, two of my mom´s friends send me a gift, I wasn´t expecting that I haven´t even talked to them that much, and I thought it was totally cool and completely random and then it came to me, why not make a post about...stuff haha for which is fun to share with you spontaneous and funny moments of my life...so this post is about stuff...hope you like the pictures hehe.

Well one of the gifts I got was this fabulous wallet...very rock inspired...I actually think I have a cap with that same print humm...

 (more photos on the "mas informacion" link below)

Then I had another surprise when I found this gorgeous watch in the bag...now talking about random surprises!!

My mom also recieved a gift...a very delicious perfume!!

So my day actually started setting up and decorating the christmas tree...this is the result...what do you think? I love it!!

Far away is hard to tell but when you do a close up you can see the color detail in the lights which I really like

Random pics I find here and there...My best friend and Me..one night we went to dinner

Another night, another friend, another dinner haha...in a restaurant in a historic and fashionably cultural place in my country known as Casco Antiguo.

I like the ambience in it...there was a great live band playing..they came all the way from Argentina, originally there were two and then they recluted another member when they arrived in Colombia and they were stopping in each country on their way to Mexico...musician travelers, how cool is that?...ohh btw the pizza in that place is "to die for"

Shopping time!! with...another friend..we were at this fabulous store called Studio F. I decided to take a pic in the mirror...wasn´t in the mood for a fancy pose xD

She was...haha

My Uncle´s girlfriend...GORGEOUS vintage clutch

Took this picture at an Uncle´s event...he is a hair stylist and was celebrating his company´s 25 years, this was the hair styles for brides section...oh yeah it was a huge show!!

No random post can be done with one of my many (believe they are many) snapshots of outfits my mom wears to work or going out...lovely dress...I bought it for her <3

I finish of this post with this fashion sketch I did two days ago...yeah I´m not a great drawer but believe me I have improved a lot cause the way I use to draw was really awful, my cousin does animations and all that stuff he use to say my drawings were pittyful haha...I love coats and jackets so I draw this gorgeous (at least for me) long coat.


  1. Muy buenos gifts, el clutch es una exquisitez.



  2. Clutch hermoso. Andy, muy completo y random post, me encantó. Oye ese Casco Antiguo me dijiste que era como El Barrio Antiguo de aquí de México, ¿no? El restaurante se ve muy agradable.
    Bueno, que estés bien, saludos. :)

  3. Oh yes! it's rocking good indeed!<3

  4. qué de regalos increíbles, Andy!!

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  6. Hey I'm all for getting random gifts. I always then feel guilty if I don't give one back. Nice EH wallet BTW.

  7. Hola! encantador el post, es bueno este tipo de post, nos acercan más como personas.

    a tu pregunta jejeje: CURRAR = TRABAJAR = WORKING



  8. Cute wallet! :) I hope you are having a fabulous week! xo

  9. Me encanta esta cartera para hombre pero para mi también!
    Esto me pasa demasiado amenudo con las cosas de hombre jaja... tengo mi parte masculina bastante desarrolladita jaja!

  10. amazing blog! gorgeous!
    thanks for passing by and leaving your comment! it made my day :D

    ciao ciao from rome

  11. Me gusta la cartera de Ed Hardy, esta preciosa!! Que lindo arbolito navideño!!! ayyy como me encanta la Navidad!!!


  12. Lovely wallet!!!))) Your post is very interesting!!!

  13. love "randomness." especially in gifts!


  14. todo esta monisimo !! que emocionante es recibir cosas!

  15. GRacias por pasarte por mi blog y felicitarme :D

    Un besito (K)

  16. andrésss!! your comment made me LOL! I'm totally following you right back!

    love the wallet- it's a killer. it looks a little bit like an ed hardy wallet.

    xoxo *Claudia*
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  17. Qué pasada de cartera!!

  18. excelentes regalos, la cartera D-I-V-I-N-A

  19. Hola Andres, Guapo..
    he puesto un banner en mi blog, que va directo al tuyo!

    mil besetes cielo!!!!!!!!


  20. agree, looks a bit like Ed Hardy's, but how cool is that to receive a random gift?! lucky=) xx


  21. hey, that's so rocknroll, andie.
    i love the details. reminds me of ed hardy. so fierce. i'd love to own one too.

  22. It's all about random gifts! And then after you've had some one on one time with them... you don't know how you lived without them! How ironic. lol.


  23. ha ha, because I do all the smash and the mother did not intend it to me at the moment to buy xdd.

  24. Hola!!!

    Me encanta la cartera!!!


  25. Omg nooo andy!! stay away from Ed Hardy it's fashion suicide!!! hahaha <3 hope you had a great day hun!

    F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) x

  26. Andy thanks so much , you're so
    I'm glad you like my blog and
    and to have you as my follower:)

    xx Marina

  27. Muy buen post!!!
    Me encanta q compartas tantas fotos. Tu diseño es muy fresco, sigue pintando!!!!

  28. what a cool thing:)


  29. Si, esta cartera es cool, rock 'n roll cool!


    Come say Bonjour at:



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